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CFC Newsletter - February 2024 Week 2

February is Heart Health Month! ❤️

It is estimated by the Nhanes that 127.9 million U.S. Citizens are Diagnosed with some type of cardiovascular disease. That is 1 in 20 people.

Not only is heart disease one of the most expensive conditions the U.S. Covers (239.9 Billion), but it is also the leading cause of death in the U.S.

How can the Chiropractic profession help?

Chiropractors focus on reducing interference to the nervous system. Your nervous system is what controls all the tissues, muscles, and organs in your body. What do you think would happen to the nerve that runs to your heart if the bones surrounding it our misaligned? It wouldn't send correct signals to your heart!

Some Research on Chiropractic in Heart Health:

"The Effect of Chiropractic Treatment on Blood Pressure Rates" shows promising results that chiropractic care may be a new alternative to managing high blood pressure. Adjustments to spinal segments associated with heart, lungs, and vessels can allow better function in those organs and have less risks associated compared to traditional management of high blood pressure medications.

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