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Pollen season is in it's beginning stages here in South Carolina. Many patients have come in to the office over the past two weeks with complaints of seasonal allergies. Some of their symptoms include, itchy/dry eyes, itchy/runny noses, congestions, sneezing, soughing, headaches, and fatigue.


Medicine says...

Take 2 pills, daily for months at a time to deal with your symptoms. What they don't tell you is the side effects to these medications. especially with chronic usage. Some include drowsiness, vomiting, dizziness, headaches, itching, hives, loss of consciousness, fever and GI and gut troubles.


Chiropractic says...

Look to the spine for the cause of dis-ease! When a patient says they have seasonal allergies. We look at the top of the spine (cervicals) because the nerves there innervate/ give function to your sinuses, eyes, nose, and throat. We will also adjust the sinuses and cranial bones as well to give you an all encompassing treatment with lasting results.

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