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Breast feeding is a beautiful connection between Mom and Baby. Not only does it help create the loving bond between Mother and child, but it also is know to create major health benefits for both parties. Let's start with the major hormones released which are oxytocin (bonding/love) and prolactin (lactation).

Chiropractic care for Mom!

For Mom, she now has a new favorite

posture and that's looking down at the baby! This creates straightening in the neck and an increased forward translation of the head. This leads to headaches, vision issues, muscle tension and burning along the neck and mid-back.

Chiropractic care for Baby!

During the birth process, a baby's spie s put through tremendous stress, no matter if vaginal, cesarean, assisted, non-assisted, etc. The first bone in the spine is well known to subluxate during this process and if not checked can lead to difficulty with latching, suckling, and digestion.

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